Planning Perspectives

Chapter 10: The Journey of Plan Well Guide: From the early days, to the results of a randomized trial, to our continued support of people facing serious illness (like COVID-19)

Given the current climate, with COVID-19 continuing to dominate the news headlines, we wanted to take a moment to lighten the mood by sharing a background story around how and why Plan Well Guide began years ago. Things sure have changed in half a decade, we’ve gone...

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Chapter 2: Dying at Home

The tag line for the Plan Well website is ‘to live well and to die well, you need to plan well’. My mother-in-law provided me with a first-hand experience with the need to plan for final death preparations, particularly if you want to stay in your own home. She...

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Chapter 1: Live Like You Are Dying

The tagline for the Plan Well website is: ‘to live well and to die well, you need to plan well’. As the creator of the Plan Well website, let me tell you about why I chose that phrase and why it is so important to me personally.  One of the most influential people in...

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