We are very excited to announce we will be launching a newly designed website on May 17th! You will still find us here, at the same place: www.planwellguide.com though we did want to let you know the information and plans from the older site will still be accessible by visiting www.legacy.planwellguide.com after May 17th.

Since we first launched this site over two years ago, we have been listening to our users and partners and thinking of ways we can expand on and improve the content and tools available within Plan Well Guide. We have received a lot of feedback from people who have used the site, created their plans, as well as planning professionals and those in the health care sector to learn more about how we can provide a more seamless and engaging experience.

Our goal in updating the site is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Plan Well Guide’s services and to browse information based on their own choice all while ensuring a more user-friendly experience.

After many months of hard work, we have incorporated the feedback we received from everyone, making several key updates that we are confident will improve the overall experience with Plan Well Guide. From ensuring users can create their own login password, to redesigning the values grid; to help make it clearer for people how exactly the values connect to medical treatments, there are many updates that have been made and we can’t wait to share these with you!

To learn more about the specific changes that have been made based on the feedback received and how this will add to an enhanced user experience when interacting with Plan Well Guide, take a look at the graphic below:


As a critical care physician and researcher who has been studying communication and decision-making when patients are seriously ill for more than 20 years, it’s important for me to make information easily accessible for our current and prospective users. We endeavor to provide our users along with our health care and planning professional partners with more detailed information and share our knowledge and expertise in the area of advance serious illness planning.

We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information and cutting-edge tools.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail me directly, at daren@planwellguide.com

Thank You!

Dr. Daren Heyland

Founder of Plan Well Guide

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