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Let’s Begin…

Now it’s time to make your plan, or to make a plan for someone else. Remember, you are not making medical decisions today – you are thinking about what would be important to you if you were seriously ill and couldn’t speak for yourself. This plan will help your healthcare team, family and friends know what’s important to you.

You’ll be asked to answer some questions (the same questions that you answered when reading about the different types of medical treatments) and some questions about CPR (if you are considering this type of treatment). If you didn’t answer these questions before we encourage you to read through the different types of care and answer the questions before you start this section. This is important, because we want to be sure that you have the correct information you need to answer the questions in this plan.

If you are unsure about your answers, you can save your plan, go through the different parts of the website, and then come back to the questions. You can do this as many times as you like. You might also want to have a family member or friend help you. When you have finished the plan, you can save it, download it, print it and share it with your health care team, family and friends. Make sure you share it with your Substitute Decision Maker, the person who would speak for you if you couldn’t speak for yourself.

Remember: you can change your plan at any time. Life changes and so may your wishes for care. You are not making decisions today — you are thinking about what would be important to you (or someone else) during a serious illness.

In order to make a plan, we ask you create an account so you can access, print, and change your plan at anytime. The plan is free, we will not ask for any financial information. We will ask you your email and a few personal questions about yourself so we understand the nature of our users. We will not share it with anyone and we keep your data confidential stored on a secure server.

Please do not reuse email addresses. Our record keeping depends on having only one email address per Plan.